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RuneScape is a free to play browser MMORPG, developed and published by Jadex. The game has 3D graphics and it is set in a mythical fantasy realm. RuneScape is a very popular browser game and although relatively old, users are still getting enrolled in high rates.

Players can explore a great world which is divided in cities, kingdoms and regions and live their own adventure. RuneScape has a character class free skill system. This means that every player can gain skills, regardless of their class, mainly by performing specific actions related to each skill.

As skills level up, players can utilize exotic raw materials and enhance their abilities for use in battle. There are twenty six skills to decide on how to form your play style; Among them are fishing, perform magic, building, cooking just to mention a few.

During this adventure you can form alliances with other players in order to eliminate boss monsters but also test your skills in Player vs Player battles. You can also trade products, kill monsters or concentrate on crafting and mining.



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