Revelation Online


Revelation Online: Iceborn Update & Snowpine Peak Preview

Well heroes, it is time for war! You should better be prepared as fierce battles and deadly challeng...[Read More]

Revelation Online: Stardust – First Major Update

The first major update of Revelation Online has just been announced and will very soon arrive to Nua...[Read More]

Revelation Online – Open Beta is now live! has just launched the Open Beta for the much anticipated Revelation Online! This means that t...[Read More]

Revelation Online: Early Access is now live!

If you have been waiting for it as we did, then you will be more than happy to learn that Early Acce...[Read More]

Revelation Online – Announcement Trailer

Revelation Online – Fly-through Trailer

Revelations Online – Class Trailer

Revelation Online – Blademaster CGI Trailer

Revelation Online – Spiritshaper CGI Trailer

Revelation Online – Occultist Gameplay Trailer

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