TERA – Latest Update & Warrior Revamp


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TERA – Latest Update & Warrior Revamp

TERA – Latest Update & Warrior Revamp

January closed with a nice surprise for TERA gamers! The latest game’s patch 52.03.02 named “Sword and Hoard” has been released on the last day of the month so expect a “hot” February regardless the fact that Winter is still with us. The new update is centered around the deep redesign of the Warrior’s class. To help you grasp the new Warrior experience, you will be offered the Sword and Hoard Leveling Event Box if you manage to reach level 15 until Valentine’s day, the 14th of February.

Consider this to be a gift-box that can be opened as soon as your Warrior reaches level 65. In it you will find some really cool items such as the Twin Dragons (permanent weapon skin), the Filet & Steak (slaughter weapon), the Night Mare (permanent character mount) along with some special scrolls and potions.

Some of the tunings that the Warrior receives include increased damage of various skills like Torrent of Blows, Rain of Blows, Charging Slash, Combative Strike, Blade Draw, and Rising Fury. Additionally players will experience a new passive skill named “Head On” and be able to discover new items, use the new type of armor and improve the stats of their high-end accessories through the new Resizing Kit. Certain improvements have also taken place to the Guild elements and Harrowhold, the well-acclaimed 30-player raid of the game.

For more details you can visit the Official Page and also check the full patch notes.

Get on board and become the greatest Warrior of them all!

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