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TERA Event: Rootstock

Rootstock is live! Play until Tuesday, December 11th and have fun in the countryside with piglings and balls of hay! Visit festival helpers in all three major cities and teleport to the Fairground or the Tuwangi Garrison to get the party started! Find Melsa at the Fairground and help her cook delicious dishes! Additionally, you can buy th...[Read More]

TERA: Patch 76 Preview

Patch 76 is almost here! Prepare yourselves for Elin Brawlers, the long-awaited talent system and a battle with a divine being! The new Patch will allow players to swing their fists with the wrath of Nature! For the first time ever, you can use adorable Elins, turn them into Brawlers and smash through the enemy ranks! Get ready for the al...[Read More]

TERA: Prepare to Reach Your Apex in Dark Reaches!

Dark Reaches, the latest update for TERA is just around the corner! Get ready for amazing new Apex content for all your level 65 characters! October 16 is the update’s launch date but to prepare yourselves, the game’s developers have planned a series of “Reach Your Apex” events. Today, we are going to reveal a bit ...[Read More]

TERA: The Guardians of the Sky Update Is Live!

TERA’s latest update for PC, Guardians of the Sky is live! Get ready for Guardian Legion flight missions and a wide variety of new dragon mounts! [arve url=”https://youtu.be/5rKjocskg_0″ /] In Rhapsody of Wind and Fire, you will have to fly through the skies and look for blue and red orbs; once you have gathered enough, ...[Read More]

TERA: Announcing Phantom’s Keep Update!

TERA is proud to announce that its next major update, “The Phantom’s Keep” is set to launch on Thursday, July 12 and is full of new and exciting content! Get ready for a revamped Dreadspire with ten challenges that will test your skills! You will find the dungeon at Tempest Reach and you must be of level 65 at least to e...[Read More]

TERA: PC’s Summer Festival is Heating Up!

TERA’s Summer Festival is back! From Thursday, June 21 until Tuesday, July 31, visit the coast outside Castanica for the traditional Beach Bash, or drop into Balder’s Refuge for the annual Festival of the Sun! [arve url=”https://youtu.be/vxl_1hbqAZw” /] The Castanica Beach Bash is located on Dragonturtle Beach and Keroze...[Read More]

TERA Event: Rootstock & Bamarama

Rootstock Festival is back in TERA! From April 17 until May 15, visit a festival helper, teleport to the Fairground or the Tuwangi Garrison and have a great time with fun and games in the country! Those of you of level 29+ can speak to Melsa at the Fairground and buy the Rootstock Teleport Scroll which will allow you to return to her from...[Read More]

TERA Event: Kelsaik’s Raid

Killian and Thulsa transformed the god Sikander into Kelsaik the uncontrollable. Although he was supposed to remain in his Nest forever, he is now threatening to break loose and destroy everything! After Manahan unsettling the world over Christmas and Desolarus terrorizing the Forsaken Island in February, get ready for Kelsaik’s 10-...[Read More]

TERA Event: The League of Levelers!

TERA proudly presents the return of the League of Levelers! Level up a Brawler from Tuesday, 06th March until Tuesday, 03rd April 2018 and get richly rewarded in the process! More specifically, each time you reach a fixed milestone, you will earn great prizes! For example, when you get at level 10, you will earn the Wings of the Adamantin...[Read More]

A Hardcore Server for Christmas: TERA Tougher Than Ever

The successful action MMO TERA is getting an extra special update for the year’s end. In addition to two new dungeons and a host of exclusive events, publisher Gameforge and developers Bluehole are bringing out the big guns with the event server “Manahan”. Open for only a limited period of time, the server offers a unique TERA experience ...[Read More]

TERA: Wintera Snowfield Is Back with Jackpot Rewards

Wintera Snowfield is back and will stay with us until January 2, so you can celebrate the season of giving by getting out on the battleground and giving your opponents a humiliating defeat or racking up come great new achievements. The snowball fight of your life awaits you! Every Wintera match awards one of four jackpots, Strong Bravery ...[Read More]

TERA Contest: Elin Gunner Loading Screens!

The new loading-screen contest has been launched in TERA and elin gunners are locked and loaded! All you have to do to win, is to submit an original piece of TERA artwork that celebrates or references the new elin gunner, by Tuesday, January 2. Winners will get 5,000 EMP and an elin berserker statue (US, Canada, & Mexico residents on...[Read More]

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