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Skyforge News

Skyforge: The Oceanids are invading – Season 17

Nihaz’s demon army has been defeated and retreating…Unfortunately, deep-sea monitoring buoys are showing a great activity of the Oceanids on Aelion. The sea creatures are probably sensing the coming of Tol-Monter. Prepare yourselves for battle, the Oceanid invasion has begun! As the invasion gains momentum, new levels of diffi...[Read More]

Skyforge: King’s Ransom – August Edition

The latest edition of King’s Ransom is here! The rules are the same but the rewards are amazing! Get ready for piles of Argents and a new and complete set of Legendary Weapons! All you have to do is scratch the ticket and see your prize! Winners will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen with a lucky one getting the gran...[Read More]

Skyforge: Presenting Battle Royale!

Skyforge proudly presents the brand new mode for your personal entertainment, Battle Royale! Instead of hunting down enemies invading Aelion, in this new mode, players fight in a virtual simulation – maintained by the Argus System – for the mortal citizens of Aelion! It’s like an exam issued by the Gods; if you manage to...[Read More]

Skyforge: Gorgonide invasion – Season 15

Immortals! The Gorgonide army is invading! Enemy ships have entered Aelion’s orbit and Akonita’s scouts and storm-troopers are dropped on the planet’s surface to prepare a landing area for the rest of the incoming forces. The Templars are going to be the first to face the imperial forces and stop them from destroying pea...[Read More]

Skyforge Bundle Key Giveaway

MMOBomb and are joining forces to offer an exclusive free bundle key for Skyforge! Click the red button, complete the listed tasks to get your key and follow the instructions to redeem it! Each bundle contains Argents, Credits, Outfits and more! Hurry up before they run out of keys!

Skyforge: Free Starter Pack Giveaway!

Allods Team is offering a free Starter Pack for Skyforge! The pack is available to all new players for a limited time and contains a free costume, 3 days of Premium time, 2000 Argents and 100.000 Credits! Click the button and get it now!

Skyforge Preview: Achievements!

Greetings immortals! Skygorge, your favorite game, proudly announces the introduction of the brand-new Achievements System! Performing tasks, certain objectives, funny gestures and almost everything you do will earn you points that will be displayed in the “Achievements” tab where you will be able to see all your accomplishmen...[Read More]

Skyforge: New Equipment System

New equipment system changes are live in Skyforge! For starters, Jewelry and Gems of Power will be transformed and become much more useful, meaning that you will now be able to collect equipment sets, customize your gear for various roles and situations, put together builds, optimize your character’s passive abilities and change the...[Read More]

Skyforge: Wrong World Packs

A critical question arises for all heroes. Would you fight fire with fire by becoming a demon yourself and wield the demonic power against them to safeguard your friends, your family and your home planet? If the response is positive, then you are welcomed to try out the new Wrong World Packs! By introducing the Astral Charms and the Demon...[Read More]

Skyforge The Arrival: Revenant Background & Abilities

Do you believe immortality to be a blessing or a curse, hero? Either way, there is a dark side to immortality that has, until now, remained undiscovered for millennia… As the background story goes, in a remote corner of the planet an ancient tribe of barbarians reside, touched by the essence of immortality much like you were, yet not quit...[Read More]

Skyforge: Demons in the Lanber Forest

Following the first enemy invasion last Wednesday, September 6, the intelligence reports that the Lanber Forest is under attack. Astral storms are creating a chaotic battlefield increasing the power of the demons and their army so defeating them won’t be an easy task! Your mission is to help destroy their defenses while at the same ...[Read More]

Skyforge: Shadow of Nihaz Packs

You have faced the demons in their new form, yet to truly beat them one must understand them, maybe even become them and the Shadow of Nihaz Packs allow you to do just that! Introducing the Demonic Cold and the Deadly Astral Packs, containing the demonic essence in its truest form, the packs will allow certain magical practitioners of Ael...[Read More]

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