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Metin2 News

Metin 2 Gift Keys has collaborated with the developers of Metin 2 and they are offering a huge number of codes containing tones of useful items like a White Lion, a Rufus Seal, Potions of Speed, Town Scrolls, Sun and Moon Elixirs, Potions of Wisdom and many more! Just click the red button, login to your account and get them now before...[Read More]

Metin2 Now Also Available on Steam!

Metin2 is an MMO classic from Gameforge and Webzen. Set in the fascinating world of the Dragon God, players must rescue the lands from a sinister threat. Exciting battles against dangerous creatures and legendary bosses await players on their adventures. Countless skills and items all help to ensure that every battle in this deep and soph...[Read More]

Metin 2: Version 17.0 Update and 10th Anniversary

Gameforge has announced version 17.0 for its MMORPG Metin2 that will introduce some minor changes and bug fixes and a series of festivities for its 10th anniversary. To celebrate this important occasion, the three Kingdoms are decorated with special banners. Unfortunately, monsters have stolen some of them and your mission is to get them ...[Read More]

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