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Krosmaga is a Strategy game that was developed and published by Ankama Games in February 2017. It combines a lane system similar to the one that is used in Plants vs Zombies and a card system blended together to create an interesting game. Players get to pick gods that come with basic decks that feature unique spells and creatures, bringing their own unique playstyle to the game. All of them are unlockable by simply playing a game and winning with them.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward and easy to understand but difficult to master. There are five lanes and at the first row there are five eggs. Two of the eggs are fake and the other three are eggs that if the opponent manages to destroy he wins. There is a dungeon mode, AI mode, Unranked and Ranked mode available and daily quests give currency to open more packs. There is the option of buying more packs with real life money too. Krosmaga is free to play and it is also available on mobile so I would definitely suggest trying it out.

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