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Dungeon Fighter Online is a free to play online 2D MMORPG, by Neople. The game features intense 2D side-scrolling non-stop action reminding of late ‘80s classic beat ‘em up titles like Double Dragon, Golden Axe and Final Fight and successfully merges MMO elements. The result is outstanding and seriously entertaining as you get the chance to live again some of the 80s era gameplay style along in today’s multiplayer and PVP arenas and join a huge player base.The retro style graphics and the extended character selection, will engage you into the story and let you choose your preferred hero based on your playstyle.

9 distinct classes await you, Slayer, Fighter, Gunner, Mage, Priest, Thief, Knight, Dark Knight and Creator, many of them featuring male and female characters. Some classes are centered around hack ‘n slash or beat ‘em up action while others are more focused on guns or magical attacks. Whatever your style, you will surely find a class that suits you best. Note that every class has its own advancement path and skill tree. All of them can begin mastering a profession and become an Alchemist, a Disassembler, an Animator or an Enchanter, after reaching level 20.By completing quests, you will level up your character, unlock content and new areas. By leveling up to levels 50 and 60 and completing special quests, you will get the chance to further boost your stats through special mechanics such as the “awakening”, “sub-equipment” and “magic stones”.

All in all, a great approach, Dungeon Fighter Online is a revive of the 2D classic fighting side-scrollers, with interesting MMO twists and great PVP arenas.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System:Microsoft Windows 7 32bit
Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo E7500
Memory (RΑΜ):2 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space:18 GB available space
Graphics Card:VRAM 512MB



Alexandros is a veteran Gamer, from the early glorious days of Spectrum ZX 128 and 8086 PCs. Having consumed tones of game-play hours in every existing (and non-existing) game genre, ranging from simple arcade (platform games) to complex flight sims, he possesses a vast amount of gaming experience and a quite demanding “eye”, always seeking for absolute excellence. He is currently focused on PC, PlayStation & Android platforms and his true unconditional love lies deep in the realms of classic Adventure and RPG gaming.
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