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Astral Heroes is a Turn Based card game that was Developed and Published by Apus Software in October 2016. The graphics of the game are not very polished but in its core it offers quite a bit of fun and overall it was a good experience trying it out.

As you enter the game the single player tutorial is a lengthy one that explains everything there is to know about the game mechanics, units and so on. The goal is to build a deck of cards, by acquiring new ones and customizing your deck to cater to your playstyle and then pit yourself against AI or other player opponents.

On the playing field there are six slots that are used to attack your opponent or his cards. Also, you can use Spell Power and Mana to play stronger cards and spells are used to damage or buff cards. Some of the cards also come with a Passive or Active ability with them and that adds even more planning required to execute a variety of strategies.

The Deck building aspect of the game is quite interesting as apart from the widely used way of acquiring cards, with in game currency or real life money, Astral Heroes has implemented a deck building cost. This means that players can’t just add the best cards in a deck but have to plan out and compromise with weaker cards too in order to create a valid deck.

There is also a clan feature present that players can be a part of and there is a chance to raid an enemy team. Unfortunately, the game has a very low player base and that causes some issues. However, even though the game does not possess a polish similar to other bigger titles in this genre it offers fun and entertainment. It is also free to play, so I would recommend to give it a try, especially if you enjoy trading card games.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP or later
Processor: 1GHz or faster
Memory (RΑΜ): 512 MB
Hard Disk Space: 150 MB
Graphics Card: Open GL 1.4 or higher, 32MB VRAM, 1280×800 screen resolution


  • Fun gameplay
  • Interesting deck building cost mechanic


  • Low Playerbase
  • Animations might become clunky sometimes


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