Dauntless: Patch OB 0.5.0 is Here!


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Dauntless: Patch OB 0.5.0 is Here!

Dauntless: Patch OB 0.5.0 is Here!

The Coming Storm is rolling into Ramsgate and players are required to meet the marching Koshai that has thrashed the Ostian armada and try to drive it back into the Maelstrom!

Patch OB 0.5.0 is the first of an upcoming series of updates which will be adding new content, quality of life improvements, fix bugs, plus a new ranged weapon! All of these will eventually materialize The Coming Storm Update.

A mighty new foe has emerged from the edges of Maelstrom; Ramsgate’s farslayers are warning everyone of Koshai’s (also known as the Sovereign of Thorns) ferocity and power and many are saying that this is only a glimpse of the upcoming terrors…Additionally, the arrival of Ostians, also brought new technologies allowing them to create devices like grenades which will be a great help in the fight against the Sovereign of Thorns. Finally, Koshai brought with him his very own island; Sovereign’s Throne is a mysterious place, an assemblage of various landmasses full of caves and floating crags that will put all of your skills to the test!

For more information and to read the patch notes, please visit the Official page

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