Dauntless: Patch OB 0.5.0 is Here!

The Coming Storm is rolling into Ramsgate and players are required to meet the marching Koshai that has thrashed the Ostian armada and try to drive it back into the Maelstrom! Patch OB 0.5.0 is the first of an upcoming series of updates which will be adding new content, quality of life improvements, fix bugs, plus a new ranged weapon! All of these will eventually materialize The Coming Storm Updat...[Read More]

Top MMORPG Games To Play In 2018

Hello fellow gamers! Continuing our yearly tradition, we are really excited to present the top MMORPG games list of 2018. In addition to our regular best Client, Browser and Mobile MMO game lists, here you will find the most popular and highly anticipated massively multiplayer online games of this year. Playing a great MMO can be an overwhelming experience. Luckily for us gamers, the number of tit...[Read More]

Dauntless – Forge Your Legend

Dauntless Closed Beta Trailer

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