SMITE: Goddess of Volcanoes – 5.14 Update


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SMITE: Goddess of Volcanoes – 5.14 Update

SMITE: Goddess of Volcanoes – 5.14 Update

A new face has arrived in SMITE, Pele, the Goddess of Volcanoes!

Pele is a versatile fighter; with Pyroclast, she hurls a magma orb ahead of her in a line which reaches a maximum distance and comes back to her in pieces, dealing damage to enemies caught in the way. With Eruption, Pele erupts energy into the ground, exploding in an area around her, causing damage and Knockup to all enemies. In ranks 3 and 5 the area of impact expands. Additionally, with Magma Rush active, she scorches the land around her dealing damage to nearby enemies while getting increased movement speed. The ability has no cooldown but uses a fuel gauge and cannot be activated when below 10 fuel. Her super ability is Volcanic Lightning where after a small warm-up time, she charges forward dealing massive damage and slow to the first God she hits and extra damage to enemies behind in a cone. Finally, Everlasting Flame, her passive ability, lights her flame when she drops below 50% health and grants her increased Physical Power, Lifesteal and Ability Lifesteal.

What is more, with the new Update, new Skins for Susano, Pele, He Bo and Athena will be introduced together with miscellaneous additions and bug fixes plus the Olympus Project. For more information, you can visit the Official page

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