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SMITE – Publisher’s Weekend [ENDED]

In collaboration with Steam, Hi-Rez Studios are giving away free Publisher’s Weekend DLCs! Just click the red button, log in to your Steam account and get one for you! The DLC unlocks Gods from every class and free voice packs for them, plus some fancy Skins! You should also own the base game to play this DLC. Hurry up before the of...[Read More]

SMITE: Goddess of Volcanoes – 5.14 Update

A new face has arrived in SMITE, Pele, the Goddess of Volcanoes! Pele is a versatile fighter; with Pyroclast, she hurls a magma orb ahead of her in a line which reaches a maximum distance and comes back to her in pieces, dealing damage to enemies caught in the way. With Eruption, Pele erupts energy into the ground, exploding in an area ar...[Read More]

SMITE: Update 5.8 – Lord of Darkness!

Update 5.8 for SMITE is live! Get ready to meet the new God Chernobog, the Lord of Darkness! Prepare to devastate your enemies with Crystallized Curses! Chernobog throws a massive crystal of curses which damages everything at the point of impact; additionally, after a set amount of time, the crystal explodes damaging and rooting those cau...[Read More]

SMITE 5.3: Achilles, Hero of the Trojan War

SMITE presents its new hero, Achilles, the Hero of the Trojan War! His passive skill, Gift of the Gods gives you a tactical option; either you choose to wear Armor which give him extra Health and Protection, or you can choose not to and get bonus Movement Speed and Physical Power Armored Bonus. In offense, you can use the Shield of Achill...[Read More]

SMITE: Free Ra Skin Giveaway

Alienware and Hi7-Rez Studios join forces to present us with a Free Ra Skin for SMITE! Just click the button and if you have an Alienware account of level 2+, the Skin will be yours!

SMITE: Play as Harbinger Nike for Free! and Hi-Rez Studios are offering Nike, the Goddess of Victory for free! Click the button, register at, verify your email and she will unlock instantly together with her special Harbinger Skin!

Get a Free Hero on SMITE

Grab one Serpent Slayer Susano key to redeem on PC/PS4/Xbox One. Just follow the steps and instantly get yours.

SMITE: Patch 4.2 – King of the Kappa

Hi-Rez Studios has released patch 4.2-King of the Kappa for its popular game SMITE introducing a new God Kuzenbo and adding some minor and major changes. The new God’s abilities are: Water Bowl; passive, each time Kuzenbo is hit for 2% of his health, before mitigation, he receives a damage reduction bonus of 1.5% for 10 seconds. This can ...[Read More]

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