Neverwinter: Developer Blog – The Merchant Prince’s Folly


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Neverwinter: Developer Blog – The Merchant Prince’s Folly

Neverwinter: Developer Blog – The Merchant Prince’s Folly

A new skirmish for level 70 heroes, awaits players to engage within the bustling Cholt’s Port Nyanzaru! Featured in the “Swords of Chult” module, you must fight against Batiri, yuan-ti and undead attackers to protect the city from Wakanga O’Tamu’s destructive intentions! The well-known antique collector has recently discovered an ancient, powerful relic coveted by monstrous factions creating chaos within the city…

The skirmish is fought in three stages with the sequential goals to wake and arm the prince’s guards, help them to secure the prince’s compound, build up barricades, protect the Royal Engineer and finally escort him to the city gates protecting him while he repairs the breach. Rewards will vary based on the team’s performance and players possessing a legendary dragon key or a merchant prince’s key will have the additional opportunity to open a chest at the skirmish’s end for extra rewards!

For additional information and details, you can also visit the Official Page.

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