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Warframe: Plains of Eidolon!

Warframe: Plains of Eidolon!

Coming next week, Plains of Eidolon will place you in a Landscape larger than anything you have ever seen in Warframe and you will be free to explore it on your own terms, in ways you never had before!

You will take missions from the Ostrons to fight Grineer during the day and clear out their bases, but you must be fast, as these Grineer will call reinforcements when they spot danger. As you venture deeper into the Plains the Grineer enemies will get progressively stronger, so you should be prepared. Take note that for every 100 minutes of beautiful sunshine, there will be 50 minutes of haunted night and when the night falls you have to work together with your fellow Tenno to take down the small deadly Sentient drones appearing throughout the Plains to protect the Eidolons ascending from the waters.

In the process you can slide down hills, Bullet Jump over mountains, or summon your Sky Archwing at will to fly through the open Landscape. You will spot and battle Grineer enemies from the sky and experience the amazing scenery. Movement for your Archwing has been reworked to make it easy to fly through the Plains and engage enemies on the ground. Additionally, crafting, resource hunting, mining and weapon crating open new horizons and exploration is the key to uncover hidden caves and lost secrets.

Players will be introduced to Gara, the new glass-inspired warrior, various new weapons and mod sets for their arsenal and a new Skill System, Focus 2.0, changing the Skill Tree to be more combat-focused, allowing you to equip your Operator with distinct Weapons and Armor.

For additional information and details, you can also check out the video trailer below or visit the Official Page.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l31P9EkWAvM” /]

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