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Great game with some bugs

Great game with some bugs. Should add matchmaking to derilict. And earth defense missions, enemies get stuck in spots jumping from the ground up to the defense level.



Is Warframe Pay to Win? Yes, but it doesn’t really matter!

Digital Extremes’ brilliant title, Warframe, has often been accused of being Pay-to-Win. I have come to the odd conclusion that such accusations are true but don’t diminish whatsoever the game’s value and integrity. But what is Pay-to-Win and what makes it so bad? What is Pay-to-Win? A literal definition would be the possibility to pay money in order to win a game. So, in a P2W game of Chess, a pl...[Read More]



Warframe Review

What is Warframe? An introductory Warframe Review It was once the ugly duckling of gaming and now is thriving and growing beyond any expectation: a proper 2018 Warframe Review is needed! But “What is Warframe?” is surely the most pivotal question. Is it an MMO? Is it even multiplayer? Is it a shooter or a slasher? If there are experience and levels, is there an endgame? What are warframes? Is it s...[Read More]

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