League of Legends: Upcoming Changes to Leveling, IP, & Rewards

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League of Legends: Upcoming Changes to Leveling, IP, & Rewards

League of Legends: Upcoming Changes to Leveling, IP, & Rewards

League of Legends developers have announced a big number of upcoming changes for your favorite game, removing the level 30 cap and merging IP with blue essence being the most noteworthy and here is the featured video:

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/Yq2i6RDmbNc” /]

According to players, spending IP on runes is not satisfying and contradicts with the process of unlocking champions which in turn can be very tiresome since it requires a lot of grinding. What is more, many players have vast IP balances and nowhere to spend it on, plus, the leveling system feels old and uninteresting for veteran players.

So, when the preseason launches, runes will be free and players will be rewarded according to how much they have invested in this whole system; furthermore, the level 30 cap will be removed and a new reward system will take its place. Instead of getting IP after a match, players will be rewarded with a capsule containing blue essence and champ shards; if you manage to get shards for the champ you want and use them on the store, you will get a 20% discount, or you can disenchant them for blue essence!  What is more, IP will be merged with our new currency, blue essence that can be used to buy anything you need from the store. In that way, the store becomes connected with looting and you will be able to use unwanted shards to but something you actually need!

Besides the above, there will be loot rebalancing; since there is going to be an abundance of shards, developers felt that they should lower the amount of blue essence gained when disenchanting  shards to get a champ and the ability to reroll them into a permanent champ of their given tier will be removed. In addition to that, loot chests will be upgraded so that they will give you the chance to get two drops with each one opened.

The new reward system will give players an increased blue essence balance and getting new champs will be a little faster; however, players of higher levels will feel that they are getting a bit slowed, mainly because of a major change in the XP rewards from games played. Yet, since those players usually play a big number of matches daily, they will end up with a large amount of blue essence; so, just after the merging of IP and blue essence, a limited-time blue essence store will be introduced with chromas, wards and even a rare skin available for purchase!

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