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League of Legends is a free to play online 3D MOBA game, by Riot Games. With an expanding pool of champions each one with a unique set of abilities and various battleground options, League of Legends provides a great gameplay variance.

Within the Fields of Justice where the battles take place, players called summoners will choose their champions from over 100 unique characters, encounter different terrains and varied objectives and victory conditions. In classic battlefields, both teams try to destroy the enemy’s nexus while at the same time must defend their own. In dominion mode battlegrounds, players try to hold and defend the most capture points to win. Throughout play, you will increase your summoner’s level and improve your stats by learning new spells, using special runes and developing your mastery of defense, offense or utility skills. Eventually you will also acquire enough gold to purchase new special items from the in-game shop in order to further boost your performance.

Played on a 3×3 or 5×5 team modes, League of Legends is without any doubt, one of the most competitive MOBA games with a huge player base and global championships and leagues carried out every year. Historically, League of Legends or LoL, was one of the biggest MOBA successes and still stands out due to its high quality production values, fast action-strategic gameplay, dynamic gaming community and frequent updates. With the basic mechanics being super-easy to learn it is also considered one of the most user-friendly games of the genre, sincerely welcoming new-comers.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System:Windows XP (Service Pack 3), Windows Vista, or Windows 7
Processor:2 GHz processor
Memory (RΑΜ):4 GB RAM (Windows Vista and 7 users will want 2 GB of RAM or more)
Hard Disk Space:8 GB available hard disk space
Graphics Card:Shader version 2.0 capable video card



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