League of Legends: Patch 7.9 notes

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League of Legends: Patch 7.9 notes

League of Legends: Patch 7.9 notes

League of Legends Mid-Season update is hitting the streets and Riot Games sums up some notes on the new changes! First and foremost, Sejuani, Zac and Maokai are getting updated kits. Additionally, with tank changes on the mind, some great itemization changes centered around durability and resistances, are also welcomed on-board! New items, like Gargoyle Stoneplate and Adaptive Helm, as well as shifts of power in items like Guardian Angel and Abyssal Scepter will fully support this direction.

Damage items are also being modified to suit these defensive changes, Marksman items are getting buffs to Critical Strike and Lifesteal items, Armor Penetration are nerfed and Guardian Angel is being converted to a damage item. Support starting items get quests with special rewards, new Dark Star skins are making their entrance and last but not least, the Rift Herald can now be summoned into a lane to fight by your side and wreak havoc!

This is a major updating, overhauling multiple game aspects and promising a far more balanced gameplay experience. For full details you can also visit the Official Page.

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