Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

2D Browser Strategy
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Pirates: Tides of Fortune
Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Pirates: Tides of fortune is a free to play browser based MMO strategy game. The game is developed and published by Plarium and is also available on Facebook. Your goal is to become a notorious, fearsome pirate, captain of an entire pirate fleet sailing the Seven Seas, hustling, raiding, treasure-hunting just like all decent pirates do. But don't be fooled, as a genuine MMORTS Pirates: Tides of fortune starts you small so you must build your way up to fame, untold fortune and glory one step at a time.

During the course of the game you will have to command pirate ships, venture the seas, expand your base but also manage your resource gathering and expenditure. Battles will also take place as your ships must combat enemy fleets to take control and expand your empire. Protect your harbor and join brotherhoods to head into massive battles and rule the seas.

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