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MU Legend

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MU Legend
MU Legend

MU Legend is Webzen’s new MMORPG, the sequel to the popular MU Online. It puts the player in a fantasy world plagued by evil where together with other heroes must do their best to restore peace and order.

With five playable classes, each with 14 different unlockable skills, a secondary leveling system called Soul Level that fine-tunes minor (but still important) stats, upgradable gear, a crafting system and a long, quest-based story, MU Legend makes certain that there will always be something to keep you occupied with! Explore the masterfully crafted world and enter Rifts, mini dungeons that offer lots of experience and great rewards; reach maximum level and join special events like Endless Tower for higher challenge and legendary prizes, or participate in PVP matches. MU Legend offers an amazing gaming experience that will satisfy even the most demanding RPG fan!

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