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Heroes Of The Storm Tier List

heroes of the storm tierlist

Our Heroes of the Storm Tier List provides the best heroes you should focus on during the latest competitive season of the game. This list is based on ranked play so it features some popular and incredibly powerful heroes; heroes with value specifically in climbing for the majority of players. Hero role and short description are also provided so that you know how to utilize the character best. Just hover over each hero’s portrait to see all info available.

Since its initial release, back in 2015, Heroes of the Storm has steadily became one of the most popular MOBA games in the market. It’s a game that expands across space and time through a trans-dimensional cosmic storm and gathers heroes and realms in Nexus; a cosmic battlefield full of heroes that clash each other for dominance. Heroes of the Storm is a team based game that centers around one thing – its heroes, which are the heart and soul of how you play the game.

Heroes of the Storm delivers a highly entertaining but also demanding environment. The game features characters from across many of Blizzard Entertainment’s franchises, allowing popular heroes such as Overwatch’s Tracer or Diablo’s Deckard Cain to once again take the spotlight. Although there is no such thing as the best hero in the game, since in order to build great teams you must focus on their synergies rather than individual hero rankings, there are so many to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and perks. Furthermore the game allows some of them to shine more than others. So at first glance it can feel pretty daunting to decide which of these to select.

Our Heroes of the Storm Tier List aims to guide you select heroes that best fit in with your personal play style for achieving the best gaming experience available.

Our Rankings

S+ Tier – Very Overpowered
S Tier – Overpowered
A Tier – Perfectly Balanced
B Tier – Slightly Underpowered
C Tier – Underpowered
D/E Tier – Very Underpowered
F Tier – Typically Useless Heroes

Heroes Tier List

As mentioned earlier, Heroes of the Storm is a team based game. As such, team synergy, positioning and coordination are the building blocks to achieve victory. That is why we rank each hero based mainly on the value they provide to the team and not so on their individual raw power and popularity. Heroes who synergize better with a larger group of teammates are naturally ranked higher.

In order to better utilize each hero we provide a list of all available roles along with short explanations on how each role can support the team.

  • Tank – Heroes that protect their team from incoming attacks. They have lots of HP and armor so they usually last longer than others in fights. In turn they usually do not do much damage.
  • Bruiser – They are not as tanky as tanks but have good damage potential which makes them suitable for both offense and defense.
  • Melee Assassin – Pure offensive heroes that deal massive damage to opponents in close range. They have increased speed but they naturally lack in HP and armor which makes them easier to kill than Bruisers.
  • Ranged Assassin – The same as Melee Assassin, but they attack from long range. They are also usually easier to kill than their melee counterparts.
  • Support – Support heroes provide buffs and utility skills to other allies in addition to de-buffs and other status-changing abilities to opponents. They are usually weak in terms of HP and damage so you should protect them at all times.
  • Healer – Heroes that focus on healing allies and mitigating the damage dealt to the party.

We update our Heroes of the Storm tier list frequently to reflect the latest game meta. Keep in mind that heroes placement inside a specific tier is NOT important. Heroes are positioned randomly within a specific tier thus their placement does not show that they are better or more popular than others in the same tier. So without further ado, let’s dive into our Heroes of the Storm Tier List.

S Tier
DetailsRole: Bruiser, Description: A great pick for a bruiser, able to sustain himself with Essence Collection and dominate enemies with huge single-target damage and crowd control. Cannot go wrong with this hero.
DetailsRole: Melee Assassin, Description: Maiev got a huge buff on this patch which easily takes her to S tier, she received an additional charge to Vault, more damage overall, and a silence which are making her a very strong pick.
DetailsRole: Healer, Description: Stukov even before this patch was a great pick for a healer, his W got nerfed but now he gains more damage and heals which still lets him comfortably stay in the highest tier.
DetailsRole: Tank, Description: Paired up with Assassins, Diablo becomes a great peel option and manages well with his self-sustain, damage, and enemy displacement which makes picking off very easy with almost no drawbacks.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Tychus is good for chipping away at opponents’ huge health pools and clearing waves of enemies. His only drawback has been the positioning factor since he is very vulnerable to crowd control.
DetailsRole: Tank, Description: This aggressive Tank still manages to disrupt the enemy team with ease and stay in the top tier. He has a bit lower health pool than other tanks but manages to compensate for that with great damage.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Scaling into the late game, clearing waves, zoning, and long-range, Junkrat has it all. Being able to deal damage to multiple heroes at once is a great bonus for this hero. He is one of those heroes that’s always a top tier if played right. Diving and crowd control are what stops him from demolishing everyone since he is so squishy. You have to be mindful of your positioning when playing Junkrat.
A Tier
DetailsRole: Tank, Description: A tank with good self-healing capabilities will always be a hard target for the enemy team. To add to his versatility, Muradin also has an effective stun skill.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Jaina is good at launching status effects that slow the enemy team down. Her skill cooldowns are painfully long though, so knowing when to properly use them is paramount.
DetailsRole: Bruiser, Description: Malthael has good wave-clearing capabilities with minimum effort. His straightforward playstyle also means that it’s easy to play/counter him.
DetailsRole: Melee Assassin, Description: Has high burst damage, but his slow animations before skills give time for opponents to react. It doesn’t help that Zeratul is a very squishy character, nonetheless learning how to play this hero will make you great at ganking and just being a problem to the enemy team.
DetailsRole: Bruiser, Description: Xul’s lack of mobility is offset by his invaluable ability to push lanes quickly with his immense AOE damage. He’s great at sustaining and providing crowd control too. Being good at pushing comes with the disadvantage of being susceptible to ganks and crowd control.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Quick to reposition, Sylvanas is a pest in the backline despite her low damage output. Her versatility and being able to capture mercenary camps easily are what put her in this tier. Positioning and being careful in the early game is what will help you wreak havoc later on.
DetailsRole: Healer, Description: The latest nerf on Brightwings heal and health put him down a tier. He still stays very viable but needs a bit more game knowledge and safe play to be as good as he was.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Hanzo is able to poke enemies at long range, clear waves, and has great escape skills. He is also able to easily follow up and/or engage which makes him a great pick overall. Being at a safe distance isn’t that hard because of his range but is always your best bet because of his squishiness.
DetailsRole: Bruiser, Description: Imperius has a good stun skill, high survivability in team and solo fights, and a decent damage output. A great pick for those who want a versatile hero.  Be mindful that he is pretty dependant on Celestial Charge and lacks mobility.
DetailsRole: Tank, Description: A great option for picking off enemies and putting them at a disadvantage, Stitches’ hook is what makes him so good next to being tanky and having great sustain. The lack of mobility is a big problem for this big chunk of meat. He can pick off enemies but after the hook has gone on cooldown enemy team will look for an opportunity to engage so keep that in mind when trying to engage enemies.
DetailsRole: Bruiser, Description: Deathwing has a massive health pool along with tough armor. His skills are a bit slow, but they hit very hard. Sieging and pushing waves is what he does great. Deathwing is pretty immobile and cannot be affected by buffs so keep that in mind when playing him.
DetailsRole: Healer, Description: Lucio is a very mobile healer which gives teammates movement buffs, his mobility is what makes him a great pick since positioning is not a big problem. He excels at mitigating AOE damage and late-game healing. The only problem for Lucio is his low health pool and early game presence.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Chromie does outstanding at long range and poke, her burst damage is also a force to be reckoned with. Untouched by the patch she stands as a great pick. The issues players run into when playing her are that the learning curve is high, she is pretty squishy and vulnerable to crowd control.
DetailsRole: Healer, Description: Anduin’s utility comes from his ability to sustain his teammates’ health but also save them from death when necessary. Great at dealing damage and sustaining allies with powerful heals.
DetailsRole: Bruiser, Description: Varian is easy to learn and use but also easy to counter for opponents because of his simplistic play style. Versatile in terms of builds and great for peeling because of his Taunt skill.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Tassadar has a high range and great AOE damage while still being able to pick off enemies. The best usage of this hero would be in spots where enemies have to be grouped (choke points). His abilities can be dodged easily so picking him against mobile enemies can be a nuisance.
DetailsRole: Bruiser, Description: Hogger does great at crowd controlling, clearing the waves, and taking mercenary camps. He uses rage instead of mana so longer fights are to his advantage. Poking Hogger and being mobile is what counters him pretty hard.
Lt. MoralesLt. Morales
DetailsRole: Healer, Description: Has great single-target healing, which is good for partnering with roamers. In the later stages of the match, however, the lack of group healing makes Lt. Morales a liability.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Pick Zul’jin and watch the squishy enemies go down in a matter of seconds. He has great single target damage, survivability, waveclear, and is able to be at a safe distance from the enemy with his long-range. Be careful not to use Berserker too much or it might do more harm than good.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Li-Ming is a resilient hero because of that annoying teleport. She can deal high damage to individual heroes, but she’s sort on the wave-clear department.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Cassia’s downfall is her low range despite being a ranged assassin. She still has high damage potential though, so you must be experienced to use her effectively.
DetailsRole: Tank, Description: Excellent hero for crowd-controlling enemies with decent damage and self-sustain. Note that playing her into enemy teams that have a lot of mobile heroes can be somewhat tricky.
DetailsRole: Tank, Description: Good in team fights or by herself. Blaze can also force opponents out of their position with her abilities. Some of her skills rely on skill shots which can be a downside and she is quite immobile.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Nazeebo was always strong but this patch took him down to A tier. Where he lacks in mobility and early game, Nazeebo excels at zoning, crowd control, and burst damage.
DetailsRole: Healer, Description: Malfurion is an outstanding healer who does great at picking off and zoning enemy heroes. His versatility and supporting enemies who heavily rely on mana are what make him a great pick.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Has good AoE skills that clear waves of enemies and have enough impact on team fights. His sustain is incredible which helps him stay in the lane for longer times. Always keep an eye on Gul’dan’s health and mana while keeping distance from crowd control.
DetailsRole: Bruiser, Description: An aggressive bruiser able to dish out immense damage to a single enemy while still being able to self-sustain pretty well. Sonya’s only issue is her low range, kiting her is quite easy so be careful when going for this hero.
DetailsRole: Tank, Description: Another hero with good armor rating, Garrosh is good for team fights because he can isolate a hero from the opposing team, making it easier to pick off.
DetailsRole: Bruiser, Description: Good as a solo-laner, able to use Misha to gain the advantage over enemies, and has good crowd control. Rexxar lacks mobility and his trusty Misha is what keeps him usable, after Misha is taken down the power of this hero goes down by a lot.
DetailsRole: Support, Description: One of the hardest heroes to master, Medivh will only be used by a handful of pre-made squads that build around his viability in fights. Once mastered this hero becomes a huge problem that is hard to deal with by the enemy.
DetailsRole: Healer, Description: Uther has always been a great flexible pick in various roles. While receiving no buffs and no nerfs he’s still one of the better picks in the game.
DetailsRole: Tank, Description: E.T.C.’s selling point is his flexibility to fit any team composition. He is decent in all areas, which makes him fun to play in team fights. His talents had a huge buff this patch so he is very well viable.
DetailsRole: Bruiser, Description: Ragnaros is a decent choice if you want to push a lane and defend it when enemies start appearing.
DetailsRole: Bruiser, Description: Leoric’s Drain Hope skill is your best bet against enemy tanks. Additionally, his passive weakens the enemy team’s damage capability so they’re usually at a disadvantage during team fights.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Good for repositioning himself to where fights are going to be, offering a unique advantage against enemy roamers. His damage output is great and Falstad remains a great pick for those who know how to position.
DetailsRole: Tank, Description: Great at isolating enemies and being mobile is what makes Tyrael a great pick, ability to peel for the allies is just what puts the cherry on the cake. If you’re new to the game or learning how to play Tyrael try to combine him with another frontliner with strong crowd control.
B Tier
DetailsRole: Tank, Description: Has a large amount of health for survivability. Additionally, Johanna can clear waves of enemies easily compared to other tanks.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Fenix is good for dealing potshots to the opponent and then clearing waves of enemies. The ability to warp out of sticky situations is essential for solo pushing.
DetailsRole: Healer, Description: Ana received some buffs this patch, her heals and Nano Boost is always a great combination with a hero that casts a lot of spells(usually mage). She is also great at mitigating enemy heals but is highly susceptible to enemies who can dive her.
DetailsRole: Melee Assassin, Description: Samuro is good when you’re facing off against beginners because they’ll likely get confused with his clones. More experienced players, however, will find this very easy to deal with.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Opponents have to watch out for Azmodan because he can clear waves quickly. However, in team fights, Azmodan performs less than stellar.
DetailsRole: Bruiser, Description: D.Va is more of a bait for other teams rather than a genuine threat. Her Self-Destruct is a good denial ability which also affects enemy teams.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Genji has great mobility and decent damage, which makes him very fun to play. He’s good at initiating team fights and getting the jump on enemy teams.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Lunara is good for pressuring opponents because of her poison. While it doesn’t always finish them off, they’ll be a lot more cautious when pulling up in team fights because of this.
DetailsRole: Tank, Description: Great waveclear, exceptional late game, and huge health pool are how people would describe this hero. Having a great late game means his early game suffers which is something players need to consider when picking him.
DetailsRole: Healer, Description: Deckard offers utility as a damage-dealer with healing capabilities. He has a decent range which is effective for zoning enemies. The AoE attacks also help clear waves and prevent the other team from pushing.
DetailsRole: Melee Assassin, Description: Kerrigan is sort of a one-trick pony that can deal massive damage with her skill combos, but isn’t flexible in different situations.
DetailsRole: Healer, Description: Khazarim is a versatile hero that can heal teammates and deal some damage in fights. Because of this, he doesn’t stand out in any other aspect of the game.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Orphea has decent damage but not as burst, so it’s hard to get kills with her.
DetailsRole: Melee Assassin, Description: Qhira has good damage as a close combat character, but needs to be controlled by skilled players to be truly effective.
DetailsRole: Healer, Description: Unlike other healers, Whitemane’s heal is related to how much damage is given to the enemy. For beginners, this is tricky to manage, therefore adding to her liability in team fights if not played correctly.
DetailsRole: Support, Description: Abathur could reach higher tiers if paired with the right party composition. He has a unique playstyle that might not translate in most matches but is excellent in pre-made teams.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Living Bomb dictates the flow of combat every time. Used perfectly, this can disperse enemy units, making them easier to chase down.
DetailsRole: Bruiser, Description: Thrall received some great buffs that help with his mana and sustain problems in the solo lane. If the enemy doesn’t focus Thrall instantly, his potential grows exponentially. Still a solid pick nonetheless
DetailsRole: Bruiser, Description: Another hero that’s focused early on in team fights because her damage can be a nuisance if left alone. Kiting her and crowd control is what makes her lack in the late game.
DetailsRole: Healer, Description: Tyrande should be higher in this list if it weren’t for her abysmal mobility and high skill cap. Her healing is useful in the right hands, though.
The Lost Vikings (T.L.V.)The Lost Vikings (T.L.V.)
DetailsRole: Support, Description: The Lost Vikings can only be effective by the most skilled players because they require a lot of micromanagement. The upside is they have a huge push and zone potential.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Greymane is always a safe pick because of good burst damage and decent enemy harassment potential.
C Tier
DetailsRole: Tank, Description: Arthas is better at damaging rather than protecting allies. His subpar mobility hinders the effectivity of all that damage, however.
DetailsRole: Melee Assassin, Description: Alarak is a true assassin. With high burst damage, he pairs well with other heroes that are good at roaming and picking off solo enemies on the map. He lacks in waveclear and is difficult to master.
DetailsRole: Melee Assassin, Description: He’s good at pushing lanes and zoning opponents in his lane but doesn’t have much value in clashes.
Sgt. HammerSgt. Hammer
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Good for potshots to harass enemies, but is also quite easy to kill.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Raynor is a tanky offensive character able to survive fights while dishing significant damage. Beyond that Raynar doesn’t provide any viability because of his playstyle. He’s beginner-friendly, so there’s not much downside to having one in your party if trying to learn the game.
DetailsRole: Healer, Description: A good choice if you want a healer that can effectively zone. Alextrasza’s downside is that she’s not a very effective healer by herself.
DetailsRole: Bruiser, Description: Artanis has a high skill cap that can turn off most players, but he can be effective once they master his skills and movement.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Zagara is useful for pushing and providing vision for the team. She doesn’t shine as much in team battles, unfortunately.
DetailsRole: Melee Assassin, Description: Illidan is very strong when used by an experienced player. He’s best as a roamer with other support heroes with him.
DetailsRole: Support, Description: Zarya isn’t suitable for dealing damage, rather she’s best at mitigating damage to allies because of her shield abilities.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Tracer has a low health pool, meaning she can’t be in the thick of the fight most of the time. Her mobility and damage make her good for hunting down stragglers after a clash goes down.
DetailsRole: Healer, Description: Auriel is situationally good because her healing strength depends on her partner. A team with Auriel has to strategize who comes with her in the lane.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: He can do insane damage with skill combos but can’t initiate nor finish off opponents because of his lack of lockdown skills.
DetailsRole: Melee Assassin, Description: Murky is so squishy that it’s frustrating to play him early to mid-game. He does have late-game value though, so make sure you can farm and strengthen him by then.
D Tier
DetailsRole: Tank, Description: Mal’ganis is useful for harassing enemies in his lane because of sustained damage and self-healing, but he doesn’t have any disable skills to make him useful in group battles.
F Tier
Li LiLi Li
DetailsRole: Tank, Description: Li Li is a good choice for beginners who want to learn the healer role but even after the buffs she rarely excels at what she does.
The ButcherThe Butcher
DetailsRole: Melee Assassin, Description: When controlled early on in the match, The Butcher will have a hard time making an impact later on.
DetailsRole: Ranged Assassin, Description: Nova is easy to use, but her utility lies in her Snipe skill, which often leaves her out of position in fights.

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