Lost Ark: What Are Aura of Resonance Potions and How to Get Them

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    One of the many benefits of the launch of Lost Ark was the extensive log-in campaign that promised hefty rewards to diligent players. One of the best bonuses from the log-in campaign, the Aura of Resonance, is now available.

    There are a lot of reward campaigns and events going on in Lost Ark at the moment. Since the game launched in the west, we’ve always had at least one event active. This is extremely good for the players because they can get many valuable items to propel them into the following item levels.

    One of, if not the best, item in terms of character progression that we’ve gotten until now is the Aura of Resonance potions. And although they are time-limited, if used right, they can save you a lot of hours of grinding.If you are looking for Lost Ark Gold, just google search Aoeah and check it out, use code FORUM for discount!

    What Is Aura of Resonance in Lost Ark
    Aura of Resonance is probably the most crucial resource when farming Chaos Dungeons. It is a resource that dictates what items and rarity you will get dropped from the dungeon.

    It refills every day, and it prohibits you from earning the maximum amount of loot from chaos dungeons more than twice per day.
    What it means is after you do the chaos dungeons twice, you use up all of your 100 stacks of Aura of Resonance, and you won’t get good rewards anymore.

    What are Aura of Resonance Potians in Lost Ark
    The Aura of Resonance potions is the log-in event-exclusive rewards given away on the 10th day of log-in. So, to get them, you have to log in for ten days in a row. At the time of writing this article, this is still very easy to get.

    The potions allow you to refill your Aura of Resonance every time you use one. You get five potions in total. This is extremely helpful because chaos dungeons are one of the primary ways of grinding loot and item level.

    You can easily do at least four runs per day with one potion. Also, if you’re feeling lucky with the drops, you can do more.
    Although that sounds like a fantastic reward, there’s a catch. The potions will only last seven days. So you can’t wait to find a guild or do something else while you wait.

    There is a workaround, though. Don’t claim it straight away if you don’t have time to grind the Chaos Dungeons upon unlocking the reward. This is the only way of getting the potions, so it’s much better not to claim them if you’re unable to play.

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