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    The first server merges for Lost Ark are coming on September 28th, following the update scheduled for that day. Now, details of the merges, including which servers are set to be folded into another, have been released. Preparation on the backend for these merges happened with the September 7th update this week.

    That update took the game offline for much of the day, after the team found a critical issue. Compensation for the long downtime has just been announced as well. Affected players will get a special compensation pack that includes a Growth Support Pack, Crystalline Aura 5 Day, 3 Battle Items Chest x3, and more. You can claim on login anytime before 12 AM PT on September 16th.

    Server merges will happen in phases. These merges are happening for the usual regions of population concerns, especially for large scale group content like field bosses, guild content, and co-op missions. Eventually, some of the merged servers will also take on new names.

    The first round will begin on September 28th and will affect three regions: Western Europe, Central Europe, and South America. Four servers will merge into other servers in both Western Europe and South America, with no further immediate changes. However, the same will happen on Central Europe, but those merged servers will also take on new names on this date. For example, “Sirius will merge with Sceptrum and become Starlight” is one of those set to change.Phase two of the merges are to happen a few weeks after the first round, and will end in name changes on Western Europe and South America too.

    What these merges all mean for those who have characters on servers set to merge, including how character slots (including purchased slots) will work, what will happen to currency on merged servers, achievements, rosters, inventory, and much more.

    With some exceptions, the majority of items and systems can be categorized by the following policies:
    Max-The items/system are set to the highest value found on either roster.
    Min-The items/system are set to the lowest value found on either roster.
    Sum-Both roster’s value are added together.
    Union-The items/system are added together,with duplicates being removed.
    Reset-The system is reconfigured to the defaut value.

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