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    When the boss fight begins, Mohg will still be up on the altar by Miquella’s egg. He’ll then slowly walk towards you, giving you time to either pepper him with spells or to use Mohg’s shackle. You can then rush him and do some damage – but you’ll need to be quick, as the shackle will only work twice.
    Mohg will swing at you with his trident and jump around the arena at random. His combos are slow and telegraphed, so you should be able to see when he’s winding up. He’ll also step back after each, giving you an opening to attack him. Just don’t get greedy.
    The boss will also use Bloodflame attacks, so be sure to buff yourself against both fire and bleed before heading into this fight. Ironically, the Lord of Blood is also weak against bleed damage, so ensure to prioritize this against him.
    Before entering the boss arena, you’ll likely be invaded by some easy-to-kill Bloody Finger Surgeon NPCs, which can be farmed for their White Hood (equipping this will boost your bleed damage, turning Mohg’s own gifts against him).
    Once you deplete a portion of his health, Mohg will start casting his countdown move. If you’ve activated the Purifying Crystal Tear, this will have no effect on you. Even better, you can rush Mohg and do major damage while he casts it, before moving into the second phase.
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    Mohg boss phase two
    When Mohg hits around 50% health, he will sprout wings and enter his second phase. He’ll no longer use his countdown attack, but while he’s far deadlier and faster in this phase, he will still take a while to recover from his attacks.
    Luckily, you’ll still have your potions from using the Purifying Crystal Tear, and you’ll have done major damage to him by using the shackle and taking advantage of his spell animation.
    During this phase, he’ll spray bloodflame all over the arena – and this hurts, so you’ll need to avoid this as well as his sweeping attacks.
    Always keep an eye on your bleed meter and back away from him if it gets too high, as even with the tear active, Mohg can still bleed you.
    Keep this in mind and stay mobile until this demigod falls. Once he does, you’ll receive his, and Miquella’s Elden Ring shards (though Miquella will stay in his egg on the altar).

    Additional Mohg battle
    You can also fight another Mohg boss in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds before or after the main fight in the Mogwyn Palace. Simply called Mohg the Omen, this boss uses the same move set from Phase one mentioned above, with the exception of the deadly countdown attack.
    Due to the absence of this move, we’d recommend doing this boss fight before the main Mohg battle, treating it as a warm-up.
    You can also summon Dung Eater to aid you, and while the psychotic Tarnished Champion hasn’t been your biggest fan up to this point, he makes for a powerful ally against Mohg.
    This version of Mohg is believed to be an aspect of the Lord of Blood, leftover from the time he and Morgott/Margit were imprisoned by their parents, Marika and Godfrey. This explains why you can fight him even after the real Mohg has been killed.Killing this version of Mohg is also essential in unlocking the Frenzied Flame ending.

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