Elden Ring Player Eliminates Host With Unbelievable Jar Cannon Shot

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    A Reddit user named Esbidee has shared a clip of their multiplayer encounter in Elden Ring. The player has the high ground in this case, as they land an impressive shot with the Jar Cannon on the host far in the distance. Esbidee then sees the host and their co-op partner trying to cross a bridge in Elden Ring, giving them the perfect opportunity to take out their opponent. The player times the attack perfectly, and while the Jar Cannon doesn’t outright kill the host, its impact is enough to send them falling to their death.
    Esbidee poses as a way to celebrate the victory, as the words “Host Vanquished” appear on the screen. This also allows users to get a better look at Esbidee’s character, confirming that they are playing as Patches in Elden Ring. Aside from Patches, Elden Ring fans have been making all sorts of characters since the game out, with many users basing their design on well-known characters from other media franchises.
    Gamers in the comments appear highly impressed by the Jar Cannon shot, as many fans congratulate Esbidee on the victory. One user wants FromSoftware to add a killcam to Elden Ring, as it would give players more details on how they died in case they were hit by a similarly unexpected attack. The rest of the comments simply make note of Esbidee playing as Patches, and how this move feels in line with his behavior.
    It also looks like some users didn’t know that they could equip a Jar Cannon in Elden Ring, as they ask for details on how to get this weapon. Fans interested in trying out this weapon should note that they can obtain the Jar Cannon in Elden Ring after defeating the Demi-Human Queen Margot boss.
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