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    Elden Ring includes many of the starting classes you’d expect from a Souls game. There are spell-slinging wizards, powerful knights, incantation-casting clerics, and even a naked class for those who enjoy FromSoftware’s unique brand of punishing gameplay more than most. The game also features the standard Dexterity builds such as bandits and rogue characters, but this time it also includes a samurai class for those who like playing in medium armor and swinging katanas.
    While the class you choose doesn’t lock you into a specific playstyle, it will dictate your early hours. So, make sure you choose a class that suits your preferred combat style, as well as one that benefits your additional skills. Souls veterans may already have a clear idea of what class they’re going to start with, as they already have their build mapped out.
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    Best Elden Ring starting class for beginners
    Vagabond Starting Equipment: Longsword, Halberd, Heater Shield
    If Elden Ring is your first Souls game, you may want to try a tough character who can hold his own in combat and help you learn the basics. The Vagabond is Elden Ring’s knight character and comes already equipped with heavy armor, a sword, and a shield.
    The Vagabond starting class is essential for Strength, Vigor, and Endurance build, but you can tailor them to your liking, adding a few points spells to your arsenal or anything else you fancy. You could turn the Vagabond into a competent battle-mage, or stay on the strength and heavy weapons route.
    However, we’d recommend pumping your Faith stat a bit to take advantage of incantations in combat to buff yourself and de-buff enemies. This starting class begins at Level 9 with stats spread evenly across the board.

    Best Elden Ring Melee starting class: Samurai
    Samurai Starting Equipment: Uchigatana sword, Long Bow, Bone Arrow, Firebone Arrow, Red Thorn Roundshield.
    The Samurai is primarily a melee fighter, but they’re also skilled with bows, shields, and a range of different weapons. Dual-wielding katanas is also an option and something you’ll see many Samurai do in Elden Ring PVP. It’s also the ideal class to create the oh-so-deadly bleed build.
    This is a good starting class for those who have experience with Souls games and want to create a powerful Dexterity build that has a lot of flexibility and customizable options. It can also be mixed with Faith and Intelligence magic for a well-rounded build.

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