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Defiance is a free-to-play TPS, MMORPG title from Trion Worlds. It features a vast, post-apocalyptic world to explore, an intriguing mission-based story and exciting world events and co-op challenges.

Play as an Ark Hunter and search the world for valuable pieces of alien technology fallen from the skies. Enjoy a well-written story through a huge list of missions and team-up with other players and take part in co-op challenges that will put your skills to the test! Join others in world events called Arkfalls in order to claim the valuable cargo of fallen spaceships from hordes of monsters and powerful Bosses or explore intact pieces of alien vessels in raid-like events called Arkbreaks! Alternatively, you can enjoy PVP action in traditional Deathmatches or you can try Shadow Wars and engage in dynamic, fast-paced open-world combat! Whatever your play style, Defiance will entertain you immensely!

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