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GuildWars 2: The Gathering Storm

GuildWars 2: The Gathering Storm

The developing team of Guild Wars 2 has introduced a number of changes that will improve your everyday gaming experience. These changes affect the gathering tools you can buy from the Gem Store and a number of the limited-use tools with bonus effects that you can find in the game.

First of all, your gathering tools can now be found in your Wardrobe tab! From there you can easily pick the one you want and apply to it any appearance skin you wish in the same way you do for armor, weapons and backpacks!


Additionally, most gathering tools will now get an upgrade slot where you can insert a Glyph. Glyphs are going to be used to change the functionality of your gathering tools and when used on limited-use tools they will return to your inventory when the item has used up all its available charges. For a limited amount of time, the Gem Store will give away free Black Lion Glyph Selection Containers which can be exchanged for one of the 4 account-bound Glyphs available, namely Glyph of the Tailor, Glyph of the Leatherworker, Glyph of Industry and Glyph of Flight. You may also find them in Black Lion Chests. What is more, the existing unlimited gathering tools with bonus effects will now have an account-bound Glyph attached to them when you buy them from Gem Store and if you have already purchased one, you can trade it with an upgraded one for free.


Limited-use tools with inherent bonus effect will not have the ability to be upgraded with Glyphs; instead, their effects will resemble those of the account-bound Glyphs. Gathering merchants in major cities and lounges will now exhange these tools for karma and future plans include the release of more limited-use tools with new added effects.

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