EVE Online: Clone States – The next steps

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EVE Online: Clone States – The next steps

EVE Online: Clone States – The next steps

Some big plans for Clone States are coming up! The good points so far are that introducing Alpha clones increased day-to-day activity in EVE, increased new player numbers, and encouraged many former players to come back. Clone States improved the discussion around joining EVE for the first time and importantly, EVE’s economy and gameplay ecosystem are intact and healthy.

On the other side, there are evidence showing that the current Alpha experience is too restricted to hold players long term. Being an Alpha is often described more like an infinite trial period than a true free experience and new players decide if the game is right for them very quickly, then either leave or subscribe rather than playing as an Alpha long term.That’s where the new skill list comes in!

By expanding the amount of skills available to Alphas, the free experience will be much deeper and more powerful. Tech II weapons are added to the Alpha set, resulting into higher DPS potential and being able to pick up the extremely important utility granted by certain Tech II ammo variations. Moreover, with Battleships, Battlecruisers and Tech II Medium weapons available, Alphas should be able to make a big difference in any part of the game.

Finally, Alphas will now be able to train Ship Command skills from all four factions and will also be able to train all weapon systems. Not only does this open up cross training, a key component of EVE progression, it also opens up pirate faction ships which are some of the most powerful ships in the Tech I arsenal.

For additional information and details, you can also check out the Official Page.

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