Star Wars: The Old Republic – United Forces Update Coming this November

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Star Wars: The Old Republic – United Forces Update Coming this November

Star Wars: The Old Republic – United Forces Update Coming this November

The United Forces update is coming on November 8 adding a great ammount of value to all the gameplay systems that contribute to great multiplayer experiences!

The primary benefit of the new update will be an easier way to join or reconnect with friends, discover new guilds and jump into multiplayer battles. To deliver these benefits together in one update, multiple servers will be connected in each region together, uniting players across the galaxy! By joining servers as United Forces, grouping becomes easier and queues for your favorite Flashpoints, Uprisings, Missions, Warzones, Arenas, Galactic Starfighter, and Operations will be much faster.

Note that it may be possible that when the new United Forces servers are created, players may need to rename their character as Character names must be unique on a server. Process is designed to create as less friction as possible and will be governed by specific announced rules. Legacy names will not be affected, even though the name and level of your highest level legacy will be maintained in case you have two Legacies brought together. Finally, there will be no impact to Guild Banks, Strongholds, Flagships or other similar items and PvP Ranked Season 9 will continue as planned.

For additional information and details you can also check out the Official Page.

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