Guild Wars 2 Recap: Elite Specializations Feature Week

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Guild Wars 2 Recap: Elite Specializations Feature Week

Guild Wars 2 Recap: Elite Specializations Feature Week

Brave warriors, the past week was dedicated to the new elite specializations that the brand-new update, Path of Fire is introducing to Guild Wars 2. Let’s point out some of the things we have learned, shall we?

Elite specializations offer a different way to play your favorite class by adding new abilities or skills that open up new paths to follow. For example, the Weaver allows an Elementalist to dual-yield elements and to combine them creating powerful combos, something that until now was not doable.  Holosmiths can use the heat emitting from their cooling Photon Forge to add bonuses to their utility skills or damage nearby enemies, while Scourge gives Necromancers the ability to summon and sustain sand Shades consequently creating zones that buff allies or debuff opponents. Firebrands (Guardian) can, with the right combination of traits and skills, excel in supporting allies, either by healing them with the use of Tome of Resolve, or by boosting their quickness with the use of Tome of Courage. The Mirage, allows every Mesmer to use their Mesmer Cloak and become a potent offensive or defensive weapon while Soulbeast merges with a Ranger’s pet and acquires its powers transforming them into strong melee fighters. Renegades are Revenants that obtain Kalla’s Fervor gaining boosts in their offensive skills while in the same time crippling their opponents and a Deadeye is a Thief transformed into a deadly snipper. Finally, a Spellbreaker (Warrior) is a dagger specialist that excels in weakening enemies by removing their buffs and is especially effective against magic. You can also check Karl McLain’s video explaining some of the new specializations’ basics:

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What is more, the official Guild Wars 2 wiki is updated with an elite specialization hub and in the latest episode of Guild Chat, Irenio Calmon-Huang and Robert Gee showed off the elite specializations in combat:

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