EVE Online: Improvements to Standings UI, Scanning and the Beta map

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EVE Online: Improvements to Standings UI, Scanning and the Beta map

EVE Online: Improvements to Standings UI, Scanning and the Beta map

Tomorrow is an improvement-day for EVE Online, as various changes are included to the new release of August 15!

First of all, you will experience a new NPC Standings UI, which includes a bar to represent your current standings with the selected NPC Faction, Corporation or Agent. You will also be able to see exactly when you will gain access to or lose access to missions, epic arcs, and faction warfare, allowing for a deeper undertanding of the standings system and the potential impact your actions can have. Some new notifications for when your NPC standings change are also added and various information display changes have been implemented in order to show important information in a more straighforward and simple way.

Taking into account relevant player requests, some adjustments have been made to the scanning system, persisting Cosmic Signature scan results and adding the signature ID to the front of bookmarks when using the save location option in the Probe Scanner. Finally, certain beta map changes are also making their appearance and are mainly centered on tweaking the usability of the Beta map, mainly focusing on camera interaction and system/constellation/region navigation.

For additional information, you can also visit the Official Page.

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