EVE Online: Structure Improvements coming to you this August

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EVE Online: Structure Improvements coming to you this August

EVE Online: Structure Improvements coming to you this August

Maintaining a close relationship with the community, EVE Online continues to develop and modify various aspects of EVE based on the received feedback, focusing on structure defenses and siege mechanics. The August release includes some of the early fruits of the development team’s increased focus in this area.

Players will experience new balancing updates for structure weapons, focused to reduce the area of effect and energy neutralizer amount per second of Guided Void Bombs while also reduce their rate of fire and movement speed to make counterplay more accessible. These mods are currently available for testing on Singularity Server.

A UI improvement for structure deployment will also be included in August’s release. Starting this month the hologram projection of each structure that is used for choosing orientation and location during deployment will include some of the traffic path lights that connect to the undock points of the structure in order to assist players in avoiding mistakes during deployment.

Additional enhancements include the expansion of the fueling ability in a secure way by allowing anyone with the “Assume Structure Control” access control list to place (but not remove) fuel in the structure fuel bay without requiring any corporate roles and the deployment of improvements related to the moon survey probing system, an extra step for the upcoming Upwell Refinery later this year.

For additional information, you can also check out the Official Page.

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