Naruto Online: Sneak Preview – Naruto Online 3.0

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Naruto Online: Sneak Preview – Naruto Online 3.0

Naruto Online: Sneak Preview – Naruto Online 3.0

Greetings fellow Ninjas! With the 1 Year Anniversary fast approaching, here is a small taste of what Version 3.0 will bring to your favorite Naruto Online!

Version 3.0 is introducing new mechanics and features that will change old functions and play modes in order to ensure an updated and more exciting gaming experience! Group Summons will now have 3 stages. You have to fight through attacking creatures and Summons in order to proceed to the next Stage; the final Stage will spawn much more powerful creatures for extra challenge and better rewards!

Strong Approaching and Group Instances functions are going to be merged! Strong Approaching instances will require a group of at least 3 members; more participants mean better rewards! What is more, the timed event of Nine Tails Invasion will be overhauled, with the Masked Man appearing once you manage to deal a certain amount of damage to the Nine Tails and rewarding players with Gold and the “Hokage Support” Buff!

Moreover, you will be able to invite all 12 Ninjas to your Home for some Ninja Bonding, track your performance with the help of the Battle Records function and reach level 95! Finally, a great number of changes will affect Summons Interface and many more areas of the game!

Discover more about the upcoming new Version at Official Page

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