Star Trek Online: Season 13.5 Comes to PC July 18th

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Star Trek Online: Season 13.5 Comes to PC July 18th

Star Trek Online: Season 13.5 Comes to PC July 18th

Captains, your attention! Season 13.5, the new update for Star Trek Online is coming to your PCs on July 18th and along with it a new Featured Episode, a novel Endeavor System for you to master and a fresh Admiralty Campaign about the Ferengi and their search for latinum!

Brushfire is the name of our new Featured Episode and you will be summoned by the renowned Klingon General Rodek to take up a special mission. Remember the Son’a, the alien race from Star Trek: Insurrection? Apparently, those guys have built a secret prison and in there they have been keeping former Klingon Chancellor Martok, a character that is considered instrumental in the Alliance’s effort of pushing back the advance of the Tzenkethi; needless to say that you must secretly approach the facilities and rescue the poor guy!

The new Endeavor System will change a number of things you do daily and it will reward you for completing specific quests. Every few days, there will be a new Endeavor for you to participate in and it will take you to areas that you have already visited or to places that you have never seen!

Finally, in the new Admiralty Campaign, you will be able to assist the Ferengi Alliance and earn something for your work; and when this reward comes in the form of latinum, you know it’s worth the effort!

For more information and updates on the upcoming release, please visit Official Page

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