Legends of Aria: End of Alpha 2

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Legends of Aria: End of Alpha 2

Legends of Aria: End of Alpha 2

Greetings brave adventurers!

Last Monday was the finale of Legends of Aria Alpha 2 which saw thousands of you participating and sending the developers their thoughts and suggestions. The main purpose of Alpha 2 was to see if the ideas that developers had for the combat system would work and how you, the players, would react to the new features introduced.

Your feedback is already taken into consideration and it will be implemented in the Alpha 3 that will be launched later this summer. The new season will bring a mass of new features, dungeons and regions and the updated item economy system.

Combat system will continue to be enhanced with a whole lot of new features such as more influential and expanded character stats, the return of critical strikes and weapon skills that grand proficiency with equipment of higher quality. What is more, basic characters will now be able to train 3 combat abilities together with their primary and secondary weapon abilities and weapon types will have updated properties that will be unique for each group.

Crafting will be completely renovated in Alpha 3 and will include fresh item properties for all characters and a new item creation system.  New weapon and armor recipes will be introduced, multiple ore types, new potions and consumables, plus a completely redesigned cooking and fishing system.

With the launch of Alpha 3, players will be introduced to the novel characteristic of Vitality. Consider Vitality a marker of well-being; if you treat yourself to good food, avoid in-game deaths and many injuries, this stat will have a much slower drop rate. It will still drop though and at some point will need to be replenished! Keeping a high Vitality will maintain your character’s effectiveness.

What is more, Alpha 3 will try and make up for the mistakes of Alpha 2 in regard with new player experience. The whole system will be redesigned in an attempt to better familiarize new players with the world of Celador. Also, July will be the month that the new modding toolkit will be introduced along with some tutorial videos; let’s see what you can come up with!

Finally, with Alpha 3 come new skills, namely Musicianship, Barding and Stealing, three brand-new regions (Black Forest, Southern Hills and Southern Rim) and unique monsters, bosses and interiors for the existing dungeons!

For more information and updates regarding the upcoming Alpha 3 release, please visit Official Page

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