GuildWars2: Automated Tournaments and Changes in the Heart of the Mists

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GuildWars2: Automated Tournaments and Changes in the Heart of the Mists

GuildWars2: Automated Tournaments and Changes in the Heart of the Mists

In the newest upcoming update tommorow June 19, the Hearts of Mists are seeing some substantial changes introducing a new competitive mode for organized teams as well as a designated area where players can gather and talk about their achievements!

PVP mode is getting revamped with the Automated tournaments. Players will compete in three different daily single-elimination tournaments as part of a five-person team to earn gold, qualifying points and win some of the most prestigious items of GuildWars2, including the Glorious Hero’s armor set. Monthly tournament winners will also get some nice rewards such as Mystic Coins, llama minis and personal sculptures at the PvP lobby entrance, until the next monthly tournament.

The new PvP lobby is a place to celebrate your achievements and have access to training golems, merchants and the like, but all in a completely redesigned environment and layout. And for all those that manage to distinguish themselves and prove their worth inside the PVP arenas, Champion’s Rest exclusive lounge awaits the best!

For additional information and details, you can also visit the Official Page.

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