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Star Trek Online: Shuttle Weekend!

Star Trek Online: Shuttle Weekend!

Greetings brave Commanders! Your favorite title Star Trek Online is proudly presenting you with Shuttle Weekend! From the 15th of June and until Monday the 19th of the same month, take your favorite vessels and overwhelm your opponents!

Throughout the duration of the event, a number of your well-known starship queued events is turned into shuttle events offering a double amount of Marks for completion! Let’s see some of them!

The Atmosphere Assault is a five-man event where you and your team must use your shuttle to intercept and destroy Elachi walkers before they manage to destroy the capital city of the Romulan colony of Rhi. Your help is desperately needed!

In Storming the Spire, up to twenty players must try to stop a Voth fleet from capturing one of the Spires and in the same time secure it for ourselves. To do so, the initial attack must be repelled and then fresh troops can be called in to finish the job.

Vault Shuttle Event is a mission where a team of up to five pilots must use their shuttles and help Obisek, the leader of the Reman Resistance to reclaim the Vault from the Romulans’ greedy hands!

Finally, in Federation and Klingon Fleet Alert, an event for up to twenty players, long range sensors have detected an aggressive enemy formation approaching one of your bases; you have to use your shuttle and hurry over there to assist in its defense!

For more information on the upcoming Weekend Event, please visit Official Page

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