ESO Morrowind: Naryu Series

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

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ESO Morrowind: Naryu Series

ESO Morrowind: Naryu Series

The 6th of June is fast approaching and the Elder Scrolls Online team has arranged a small guided tour in Vvardenfell, for your eyes only! And who can better show you the secrets of Morrowind than Naryu Virian, a member of the legendary Morag Tong assassins!

The first stop of the tour is Vivec city, the largest settlement of Vvardenfell. Built to honor the greatest God of all, it’s a trade center and the meeting place for people from all over the land; the best place to be if you are an assassin!
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Naryu will then take you to a trip down the mystical Dwarven Ruins; assassins don’t especially like these places since they are full of deadly traps and ancient mechanical constructs so you better be on your toes!
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Want to know the secrets of the three great Houses? Ask Naryu! She will tell you about House Redoran which is currently running things in Vvardenfell, the strange wizards of House Telvanni, the builders of House Hlaalu who always work in the shadows for their own goals and about the secret war that’s going on between them.
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And if you want to learn more about the Wardens, you are lucky because Naryu has asked one to show her his skills and abilities! From frost magic to summoning companions she will tell you everything there is to know!
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