Star Trek Online: The Advanced Light Cruiser Bundle

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Star Trek Online: The Advanced Light Cruiser Bundle

Star Trek Online: The Advanced Light Cruiser Bundle

Arcgames proudly announces the upcoming addition of six brand new Tier 6 Cruisers/ Battlecruisers for its popular Star Trek Online title! There’s going to be three new starships, one for each faction and their Fleet variants.

The QeHpu’ Advanced Light Battlecruiser is the new addition to the Klingon Empire’s fleet while the Romulan Republic will strengthen its ranks with the Deleth Advanced Light Warbird Battlecruiser! Both of the aforementioned starships are brand new visual projects and aim to be faster and more agile than the existing Battlecruiser and Warbird designs while in the same time maintaining their core abilities.

The new ship for the Federation’s Fleet is the Advanced Light Cruiser also known as the Reliant-class; it is a descendant of the well-known Miranda-class design and it emphasizes in mobility and utility and in the same time have improved capabilities to match those of the other Tier 6 starships. All three ships and their Fleet variants can be purchased from the C-Store individually or as a bundle (T6 Advanced Light Cruiser bundle), are available to level 50 players (Lieutenant General and Vice Admiral Ranks) and share the same Universal Console and Starship Trait.

All six starships have exclusive access to the new Universal Console, the Potential Energy Entangler which can be fitted in any slot and drains energy from your opponents’ weapons while in the same time giving your ship a speed and maneuverability boost. What is more, when these new starships reach level 5 they will unlock the Evasion Specialist Starship Trait; when you activate Emergency Power to Engines or a Pilot Bridge Officer Ability your vessel has Shield Hardness and Shield Regeneration for 5 seconds.

For more information and details about these brand new designs please visit Official Page

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