ESO Morrowind: The Halls of Fabrication

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ESO Morrowind: The Halls of Fabrication

ESO Morrowind: The Halls of Fabrication

On the 6th of June, Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will present players with a new Trial, the Halls of Fabrication, a challenging dungeon with fresh mechanics and great rewards.

A mysterious anomaly of magical origin has created a rift through which brave adventurers will access the Clockwork City’s Halls of Fabrication. Your team will have to overcome the various obstacles, discover the secrets of Sotha Sil’s experiments and finally shut down the Assembly General to end the Fabricant threat. Throughout your journey you will have the assistance of a powerful ally, the Dunmer sorcerer Divayth Fyr, a classic Elder Scrolls character who will not fight by your side but will give you helpful advice on how to overcome the Halls’ most difficult challenges.

According to developers, the new Trial will feature five new bosses each with completely unique abilities that will call for a high level of coordination between group members to overcome. Mob fights will be fewer than previous dungeons so that players can focus on the boss fights; a measure of the level of difficulty is the fact that Halls of Fabrication will require two tanks. What is more, besides the mobs of Automata, your team must look out for numerous environmental hazards packing nasty surprises.

What is more, adventurers will be richly rewarded for their efforts with parts of 4 brand new armor sets that give extra boosts, unique Furnishings, a new Skin and crafters can get plans for two Target Centurions that can only be built with materials found from the dungeon’s weekly prizes. Finally, for the first time ever, there will be numerous achievements which will reward players for completing the Trial in higher difficulty settings or for achieving certain feats of strength! So, if you think you have what it takes to end the threat of the Automata and discover the secrets of the Halls of Fabrication start honing your weapon of choice and prepare yourself!

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