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Guardians of Divinity is a free-to-play, browser based Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) from 37 Games. The Pandora’s Box is now open, the world is in turmoil. Gods and mortals are engaged in an endless battle and you as a fallen God will have to restore peace and order.

There are three available classes in Guardians of Divinity, each with a different set of abilities and a unique play style. There is a small tutorial to learn the very basics and then you are ready to adventure. The story is quest driven and every now and then there are some dungeons that you can solo or team up with others for special rewards. There are cross-server battles, world Boss fights and mini games to keep you occupied. Another characteristic is that you have a deity by your side that helps you in battles. Deities and your gear need to be regularly upgraded. And of course, there are battles against Gods; once you defeat one you can absorb his powers and transform into him for a limited amount of time! The game implements auto-pathing and auto-combat which makes your life way easier.

Guardians of Divinity features 3D graphics with beautifully depicted environments and highly detailed models for the players’ avatars, monsters or the various deities. Battle effects are a feast for the eyes with great animations and stunning visual effects. The soundtrack is good and adds to the whole experience.

With its simplified gameplay, the amazing, for a browser game, visuals and the unique features it brings to the genre, Guardians of Divinity offers a highly entertaining experience that every RPG fan should have!



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