Crusaders of Light Review

Crusaders of Light offers your standard raid system – 40 players, some poorly designed bosses,...[Read More]

H1Z1 Review

In Daybreak Game Company’s H1Z1, the battle starts hot from the very beginning. Dropping down in the...[Read More]

Metro Conflict: The Origin Review

Sometime in the distant future, war unfolds. Mercenaries come from all corners and walks of life to ...[Read More]

Radical Heights Review

Radical Heights is Boss Key Productions’ take on the battle royale genre launching in “X-TREME...[Read More]

Unearned Bounty Review

Unearned Bounty’s combat is 100% naval based. Bad news for any of you out there who were looking for...[Read More]

Darwin Project Review

Darwin Project is a multiplayer, online, battle royale game. The developers, Scavenger Studios, are ...[Read More]

Arcfall Review

Open world full loot PvP. Non-instanced dungeons and player housing. A robust – player driven ...[Read More]

Spellsworn Review

Eight powerful wizards, one shared goal – total magical domination! In Frogsong Studios AB’s, ...[Read More]

THE DAY Online Review

THE DAY is a fast paced, highly reflex intensive 3d moba-esque game brought to us faithfully by Relo...[Read More]

Warmonger Review

Warmonger is a free to play mmorpg game brought to us by developers JoyImpact. inspired heavily by t...[Read More]

Pirate Storm Review

Published and developed by Bigpoint, Pirate Storm is a 3D, isometric, naval MMORPG. It’s also browse...[Read More]

Dragon Awaken Review

Dragon Awaken is a free-to-play, fantasy, browser game. Created and produced by FreeGame, it uses th...[Read More]

CityBattle Virtual Earth Review

With each passing day, the battle continue. Whole cities, full of warriors and diplomats, all vie fo...[Read More]

SOS Battle Royale Review

There you are, stranded on La Cuna Island, with only your wits to help you survive. Or what you call...[Read More]

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