Crusaders of Light Review

Crusaders of Light offers your standard raid system – 40 players, some poorly designed bosses, a bunch of trash mobs – that’s about it. There’s really not much to say about Crusaders of Light’s raid mechanics, other than… You’ve seen them before. The only big difference between Crusaders of Light and other entries into the Theme Park MMORPG genre as of late would be the fact that CoL b...[Read More]

H1Z1 Review

In Daybreak Game Company’s H1Z1, the battle starts hot from the very beginning. Dropping down in the midst of literally dozens upon dozens of other players, all intent on your demise, you’re only goal is simple: stay alive! You’ll drop in, scavenge for weapons, avoid being spotted by your enemies, and do all that you can to ensure that you are the the one ends up on top, and not the one with...[Read More]

Metro Conflict: The Origin Review

Sometime in the distant future, war unfolds. Mercenaries come from all corners and walks of life to fight for their chosen side, and so the conflict begins. Metro Conflict: The Origin, is a self styled story of “mercenaries caught up in the storm of battle”. You as the player, are one of these men – fighting for riches, glory, and the recognition of your peers. Featuring twelve classes, a wi...[Read More]

Radical Heights Review

Radical Heights is Boss Key Productions’ take on the battle royale genre launching in “X-TREME Early Access”. It’s a fast-paced tactical shooter featuring collectible weapons, munitions, utility items, etc., randomly scattered across a large map. The players are airdropped into action and given the goal to be the last survivor. The playable part of the map constantly shrinks, making th...[Read More]

Unearned Bounty Review

Unearned Bounty’s combat is 100% naval based. Bad news for any of you out there who were looking forward to a bit of swashbuckling – but fantastic news for someone out there who loves games that take place on the sea. Equipped with only your ship, cannonballs, and wits, you must navigate the treacherous waters in order to defeat your enemies in tactical, top down, skill based combat. With a ...[Read More]

Darwin Project Review

Darwin Project is a multiplayer, online, battle royale game. The developers, Scavenger Studios, are trying to take it in an original direction in order to get and edge on other popular titles. In a post-apocalyptic world, where a new Ice Age is drawing near, ten prison inmates are dropped in a giant icy circle in the Northern Canadian Rockies. Not only must they fight, and kill, each other, but th...[Read More]

Arcfall Review

Open world full loot PvP. Non-instanced dungeons and player housing. A robust – player driven economy. These are just a few of the features already in place in Neojac Entertainment Inc’s sandbox mmorpg game, Arcfall. While the game is still well deep in early access, what there is available to test right now, gives a lot of hope for the future. It has been a long time since a game was able t...[Read More]

Spellsworn Review

Eight powerful wizards, one shared goal – total magical domination! In Frogsong Studios AB’s, Spellsworn, you and up to seven other powerful wizards get the chance to pit yourselves against one another in five rounds of tactical and strategic magical combat. Sling spells from one of five diverse schools of magic, gain new weapons and skins through combat experience, and outsmart your enemies...[Read More]

THE DAY Online Review

THE DAY is a fast paced, highly reflex intensive 3d moba-esque game brought to us faithfully by Reloaded Studios. Designed with fast paced play in mind, THE DAY is a whirlwind of action and color every time you load up a game. With multiple game modes to choose from with a sliding degree of competition, and over 25 characters to pick and choose from, THE DAY delivers a moba experience unlike anyth...[Read More]

Warmonger Review

Warmonger is a free to play mmorpg game brought to us by developers JoyImpact. inspired heavily by the studious previous effort, Crush Online, Warmonger retains all of the classically inspired charm of Crush, while enjoying a slew of new, and revitalizing features. From massive PvP battles, to the expansion of guild territory, to the ability to customize and fully control your own siege fort, Warm...[Read More]

Pirate Storm Review

Published and developed by Bigpoint, Pirate Storm is a 3D, isometric, naval MMORPG. It’s also browser based. The core gameplay consists in roaming around the map, fighting (heavily mouse-based combat) NPC monsters and ships, as well as questing. All of this is done in order to level up, acquire new ships, and find sweet gear. A few things feel different: skills have really long cooldowns, encourag...[Read More]

Dragon Awaken Review

Dragon Awaken is a free-to-play, fantasy, browser game. Created and produced by FreeGame, it uses the all-too-popular Chinese browser game model. One resides in a persisting gaming hub and moves outside when ready to do some quests. Said quests feature a plethora of NPCs, packed in groups, that the player faces by means of a completely automated combat system. The outcome of the combat is decided ...[Read More]

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