Guardians of Divinity

Guardians of Divinity

3D Browser MMORPG
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Guardians of Divinity
Guardians of Divinity

In a world of chaos and destruction, where Gods and mortals try to destroy each other, you are the chosen hero who must restore order and peace. This is Guardians of Divinity, the free-to-play, browser based MMORPG from 37 Games.

In a beautiful, detailed 3D environment you choose your class and enter the fray. By your side is your favorite deity to help and support you in battle. Fight against Gods, absorb their powers, transform into them and unleash their rage onto your enemies! There are dungeons to clear for special rewards, cross-server battles, world boss fights and special events and even a mini game in space! Guardians of Divinity is a game that every RPG fan should at least try!

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