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Wizard101 is a free to play 3D MMORPG game, by Kingslsle Entertainment, where players take the role of Wizards, join forces and spells with their friends and fight to save Wizard City and the worlds of Spiral. It is a well acclaimed game that can be enjoyed from the whole family (ESRB rating: 10+).

Players will choose their preferred magic school, participate in various magic games, engage in PVP tournaments, experience fierce spell-casting fights with multiple enemies and learn to work effectively within a team with their fellow wizards to defeat the strongest opponents. By leveling-up, completing quests and developing your skills, you may achieve the ultimate wizardry honor; to become a Grandmaster Wizard! Be warned though, apart from the seven core Magic schools of Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death and Balance, there are three supplementary Astral schools that are reserved for the bravest and strongest Wizards and can provide special supplementary spells that can prove to be decisive throughout your journey.

In order to effectively battle your enemies, you should learn to properly set-up your spell cards deck and manage it during battle. There are various types of cards available, incorporating unique magic attributes, therefore players should be able to use them wisely and maximize their effectiveness.

And what kind of wizard will you be, without the needed spells for customizing your clothes or a pet mount to ride and travel faster? Wizard101 has you covered as you will be able to craft your own clothes, dye them and customize your looks in order to create your distinctive appearance. Dragons, horses, tigers, dinosaurs and other special and rare mounts await you to discover them and become your trusted companions. You can also name them, train them to make them stronger and participate in Pet racing derbies. Items can be bought, sold, traded or gifted to fellow players.

Of course, as a powerful mage you will also need your own home in order to relax and socialize with your friends, so every new wizard is given his/her own upgradeable house. You can decorate it according to your preferences selecting from over 1500 decorative options and adopt your own style. You can host parties, chat with your friends and show-off your pet collection. And if you feel tired of all these, you can enjoy your favorite hobby and do some gardening or go fishing.

Wizard 101 is a wonderful online game for the whole family. It features a beautiful and immersive fantasy environment with magic spells, wizardry schools and PVP battles and at the same time blends in successfully some great social and collectible card game elements.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System:Windows Microsoft Vista Service Pack 2 or higher
Processor:1GHz Intel Processor
Memory (RΑΜ):512 MB
Hard Disk Space:5 GB
Graphics Card:GeForce 2 or equivalent



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