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Heroes of Gaia is a free-to-play, Massive Multiplayer Online Pole Playing Game (MMORPG) with strategic elements, from Snail Games. It puts players in a fantasy world where Humans, Elves, Undead and Orcs fight for survival.

In the beginning, you start as the leader of a small village and must gradually transform it into a city and later an empire. A small, optional tutorial will teach you the very basics. Following this, you will choose a race from the four available (Humans, Elves, Orcs and Undead). Each one has specific goals, unique appearance for city buildings and army units and different gameplay.

Heroes of Gaia resembles games like Heroes of Might and Magic; you construct buildings to store resources, research technologies and recruit military units. To do all of these you need resources. This is where your heroes come in; you can recruit a mighty general, appoint him an army and send him to capture strategic points in the world map such as gold mines and lumber mills. You should always guard these places since other players may want them for themselves. At some point you will come across other settlements; you have to decide whether you will negotiate peacefully or attack them.

Combat is automated and looks great with very nice effects. In terms of visuals, the game features 2D graphics that look really good with very beautiful and detailed artwork for your cities or castles and your various units. Heroes of Gaia is a title that fans of the genre should try; it does not innovate but offers an exciting gaming experience.



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