SMITE: Patch 4.2 – King of the Kappa


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SMITE: Patch 4.2 – King of the Kappa

SMITE: Patch 4.2 – King of the Kappa

Hi-Rez Studios has released patch 4.2-King of the Kappa for its popular game SMITE introducing a new God Kuzenbo and adding some minor and major changes. The new God’s abilities are:

Water Bowl; passive, each time Kuzenbo is hit for 2% of his health, before mitigation, he receives a damage reduction bonus of 1.5% for 10 seconds. This can be done for a maximum of ten times as the bowl of water on his head fills. Whenever he is disrupted, he loses half of the bowl’s water.

NeNe Kappa; it is summoned by the King and can ricochet off walls for a maximum of two bounces. If it hits a God it bursts out of its shell and attacks him.

Shell Spikes; the spikes on Kuzenbo’s back extend and reflect a percentage of incoming damage to his enemies. Whenever the god is hit and the spell is active, it reduces the cooldown of NeNe Kappa.

Sumo Slam; Kuzenbo charges forward damaging enemy minions and pushing along any God in his way. During his movement he is immune to Slows and Roots.

Watery Grave; Kuzenbo gets inside his shell and starts spinning, creating waves that knock back enemies. While doing so, his speed increases and he can move freely to all directions.

The patch will also bring some fixes to various balancing problems that emerged because of the previous patch, together with a number of modifications to a number of maps. For full details you can also visit the Official Page.

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