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Neverwinter is a mythical name for every RPG fan, a place where legends are born. It is also the center stage where the story of the free-to-play MMORPG from Cryptic Studios unfolds.

In a fantasy 3D world with beautiful artwork, vibrant cities and colorful landscapes, you create the hero of your choice and set out on a legendary journey that will have you explore dark dungeons, mystical locations, and dense forests and fight alone or with others against hordes of monsters and powerful bosses. Combat in Neverwinter is an experience like no other; you have to aim your attacks at your opponents and try to always be on the move to avoid theirs. What is more, you have a limited set of skills so you must use them wisely to be victorious. Finally, the Foundry will allow you to create your own adventures for you and your friends to play! Neverwinter is an amazing gaming experience that every RPG fan should have!

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