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    Way 1: Daily and Weekly Quests
    One of the simplest and most reliable ways to farm gold in Lost Ark is to complete daily and weekly quests. These are tasks that players can accept from various NPCs or the quest menu, and they usually involve killing monsters, collecting items, exploring areas, or performing other actions. Daily quests reset every day at 6 AM server time, while weekly quests reset every Wednesday at 6 AM server time. Completing these quests rewards players with gold, experience points, reputation points, and other useful items.
    Daily and weekly quests are a good source of gold because they are easy to do, do not consume any resources or stamina, and can be done solo or at a party. They also offer a variety of content and challenges for players to enjoy.

    Way2: Dungeons and Raids
    Dungeons and raids are a great source of gold that players can earn gold, loot boxes, equipment pieces, crafting materials, and other valuable items from them. And the more difficult the dungeon or raid is, the more gold and items players can earn.

    Way 3: Trading Post
    The trading post is also an excellent source of gold. Players can sell anything they don’t need or want, such as equipment pieces, crafting materials, consumables, pets, mounts, costumes, or emotes. They can also buy items they need or want at a lower price than the NPC vendors or the cash shop. They can also take advantage of the supply and demand of the market and buy low and sell high to make a profit.

    Other Ways
    In addition to the above three quick gold farming methods, there are more ways of farming lost ark gold as like Fishing,Events and PvP.
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